Presidential Symposium - Epilepsy: Beyond Seizures

Robert Fisher - Epilepsy: Who really has it?

Rick O'Shea - My Epilepsy Does Not Define Me

Alicia Bogacz - WHICH REALLY MATTERS? The etiology or the spikes


Main Session - Challenges for epilepsy surgery in the developed and developing world

Lionel Carmant - Prevalence of Neurocysticercosis into four South-west provinces of Dominican Republic

Symon Kariuki - Clinical features, proximate causes and consequences of epilepsy in Africa

Sally Rothemeyer - Reaching for acceptable standards in low-income countries

Yang Si - Enhancing medical compliance of patients with convulsive epilepsy in rural community: a randomised intervention trial

Mario A Alonso Vanegas - How to reach out to people who do not get referred


Main Session: The epileptic focus: a zone or a network? 

Jean Gotman - The interictal focus: spikes and HFOs


Parallel session: Joint Symposium with the World Federation of Neurology: building epilepsy care - roadmap for beginners

Ding Ding - Comprehensive care: beyond the physician China’s experience


Parallel session: High frequency oscillations and GABAA receptor signalling: new factors for seizure initiation

Marco deCurtis - GABAergic Networks at the Onset of Seizures


Parallel session: Hot Topics in Epilepsy Research

Angelina Kakooza - The Nodding Syndrome: A New Epidemic Epilepsy


Parallel session: SUDEP Prevention - are we there yet?

Elson So - SUDEP-Who is At Most Risk?


Parallel session: Political advocacy - raising awareness and funding for epilepsy

Sandy Finucane - Changing Public Health Policy in the United States


Parallel session: Infantile spasms: from basic neuroscience to clinic

Jaime Carrizosa - Current therapeutic approaches of infantile spasms


Parallel session: Epilepsy at school

David Dunn - Epilepsy in School: Comorbidities and their Impact on Learning


Parallel session: Obesity and epilepsy

Sherifa A. Hamed - Antiepileptic Drugs (AEDs) influence on weight in People with Epilepsy


Parallel session: Preclinical drug discovery

Jackie French - Defining the clinical “gaps to care” and the “opportunities” to develop new treatment approaches for epilepsy

Michele Simonato - Development of anti-epileptogenic therapies


Parallel session: Paediatric status epilepticus

Lionel Carmant - Age-dependent consequences of status epilepticus

KP Vinayan - Neonatal Status Epilepticus


Parallel session: Treating the tough epilepsies

François Dubeau - The "tough" epilepsies: to cut or stimulate? 


Parallel Session: Controversies in epilepsy due to neurocysticercosis

Gagandeep Singh - Does Neurocysticercosis Cause Mesial Temporal Sclerosis?


Contoversies: Guidelines - the good, the bad, and the ugly

Helen Cross - Guidelines on epilepsy surgery of the American Academy of Neurology - inform decisions and improve outcomes: the cons


Controversies: Localisation - electrophysiology vs. metabolism

Dang K Nguyen - Localization: electrophysiology vs metabolism - Seizures: SPECT and NIRS are the best


Controversies: When does treatment work and when does it fail?

Patrick Kwan - The Definition of Drug Resistance Can be Easily Applied


Controversies: Epilepsy and cognition

Ivan Rektor - The effect of spikes on cognition is minimal


Cost and consequences of AEDs

Veriano Alexandre Jr - Controversies: Cost and consequences of AEDS: Old medications are superior


Special Symposia: The pioneers at the Montréal Neurological Institute: early concepts in today's practice 

William Feindel - History of Imaging at The Neuro

Philippe Kahane - Herbert Jasper: Mapping electrical activity

George Kostopoulos - Pierre Gloor: Epilepsy is a network disease


Special Symposia: IBE Symposium - making the case for IBE's international advocacy

Sandy Finucane - Building a Coordinated US Agenda for Epilepsy

Shichuo Li - The International Epilepsy Caring Day (IECD, June 28) and the Success of the GCAE in China


Satellite Symposium: Matthew's Friends - Ketogenic Dietary Therapies - cooking up a storm

Helen Cross - What, why and how to use the ketogenic diet


Satellite Symposium: Elekta - what can epileptologists expect from MEG? 

Richard Burgess - Identifying the Epileptogenic Zone with MEG: Myths and Realities


The patient as teacher: Case oriented teaching - surgical cases

Çiğdem Özkara - Patient may be deceptive


How to...: What to do and what not to do after a first unprovoked seizure

Carter Snead - First Seizure in Childhood and Adolescence


How to...:Management of the really intractable patient

Jackie French - Pharmacotherapy: When is less more? When is more less?


What's new in diagnostics: What genetic tests should I be ordering today in my patients? 

Patrick Cossette - What genetic tests should I order today in my patients? 


What's new in diagnostics: Advances in neuropsychology of epilepsy: spotlight on the right temporal lobe

Laurie Miller - Contributions of the Right Temporal Lobe to Autobiographical Memory


What's new in diagnostics: The new EEG era

Catherine Schevon -Recording EEG and single cell activity from microelectrodes in humans


What's new in diagnostics: Practical management of seizures in the Intensive Care Unit

Maria Roberto Cilio - Big challenges in tiny patients: detection and management of seizures in neonates


The cost of epilepsy - the obvious and the hidden

Charles Begley - Economic Burden of Epilepsy: Preliminary Findings of a Systematic Review


Platform Session: Genetics

Gemma Carvill - Targeted resequencing in epileptic encephalopathies 


Platform Session: Epilepsy surgery

Daniel Drane - Stereotactic Laser Ablation of Hippocampus Leads to Better Cognitive Outcome than Standard Temporal Lobe Resection for the Treatment of Epilepsy

Philippe Kahane - Epileptogenicity maps of intracerebral HFO (60-100Hz) at seizure onset

Alireza Mansouri - Seizure and neuropsychological outcomes of selective amygdalohippocampectomy vs anterior temporal lobecomty: Toronto Western Hospital experience


Platform Session: Paediatric epileptology

Mark Ferro -  Epilepsy Severity and Social Acitivites in Children with New-onset Epilepsy: The Role of Child Cognitive and Behaviour Problems 

Ruzica Kravljanac - Challenge in the treatment of status epilepticus in children: 16-years` single center experience

Hye Eun Kwon - Epilepsy Surgery in Pediatric Intractable Epilepsy with Focal Cortical Dysplasia


Platform Session: Neuropsychology

Michael Gascoigne - Accelerated Long-Term Forgetting in Children with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy


Parallel session: Epileptic encephalopathy

Gregory L. Holmes - Modeling High Function and Dysfunction Following Seizures


Platform Session: Neuroimaging

Vera Jager - High resolution temporal imaging and high density EEG improves EEG-fMRI in focal epilepsy

Eiju Watanabe - Functional infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) in epilepsy focus diagnosis


Platform Session: Drug Therapy

Zhibin Chen et al - Health Economics of Pharmacogenetic Screening for Newly Diagnosed Epilepsy: Analysis of Real-World Data


Platform Session: Clinical neurophysiology

Vijay Thadani - Role of EEG in the ICU


Platform Session: Clinical Epilepsy 

Joaquin Ojeda - Utility of home-made videos in an epilepsy clinic


Teaching Session: AESPA Course - Dilemmas in the use of AEDs

Byung In Lee - Dilemmas in the Use of AEDs: New Onset Epilepsy with Cavernous Angioma


Joint Symposium with the American Epilepsy Society: Neonatal Seizures

John Swann - Molecular and Cellular Consequences of Neonatal Seizures


Neurobiology Symposium:  Role of non-neuronal cells in epileptogenesis

Annamaria Vezzani - Role of immuntiy in epileptogenesis


Basic and pediatric EEG in epilepsy

Walter van Emde Boas - "Old Fashioned EEG": Do we still need it?


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